"Excellent chows"

I found my chow in one of Carla's litters. He is a fantastic boy and very beautiful too! Carla is a person who breeds the dogs to provide happiness for her family and anyone who adopts one of the pups! She is very concerned about the physical and emotional health of her dogs. She does not want that any of her dogs to be placed in a precarious living arrangement and she is stern in her position that any pup not treated correctly will be returned to her and she will find a loving home for it! This is actually how I cave to have Kaiko! He is such a good boy but was originally with a couple who had decided that he was a aggressive pup, even at 8 weeks old! That is just a terrible way to treat a little puppy and after he was removed from that environment it took weeks to re-educate him to where he could be prepared to find a new home. That is where my good fortune came into play! I love my Kaiko and thank God every day for him! Thank you Carla and Peter!
Kevin G, June 14, 2010